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I don't make most of the gifts I give. Is anyone else in this boat with me? I am kind of weird, but I get all embarrassed and vulnerable when I give someone something I made. If they don't like something I bought from the store, who cares? If they don't like something that I hand made, I cry every night for a month straight. Kidding. I only cry for a week.

Seriously though, I do have a hard time giving handmade things. Don't worry - this is not a self discovery post where I write about how I overcame my issues thanks to blogging or inspirational quotes on pinterest. I bought gifts from the store and then handmade a disposable portion of the gift. I don't even think that is progress. "I made part of this gift for you, but only the part that you throw away."

 Original, I know. Lotion. 

I cut and stamped the tags and tied them on with baker's twine. I let the packaging on the lotion do all the talking. It's already shiny and festive, so my work was done.

These are for some of my coworkers, so I figured a bottle of lotion to keep at their desks is a nice little gift.

And we can't forget about those handmade gift tags. Feel free to throw them away.  



  1. One piece of advice, if you want to give lotion make sure the recipients don't have any allergies. I received some lotion one year that smelled amazing but it turned out I was allergic to it. Now I have to check all the ingredients in lotion before I use it.

  2. Ha! First, I'm laughing because I got the exact same gift (B&BW lotion) for my kiddo's daycare teachers yesterday. Second, I hear you on the making a gift for somebody for Christmas. I made a fabric Kindle cover for my mother-in-law this year and cannot believe how nervous I am to give it to her.

  3. For the comment on allergies, at least you now know you are allergic to certain ingredients - the upside to it all. If you get something you don't like and can't return donate it or with unused body lotion - regift it! Making things does make you vulnerable because if the recipient doesn't like it, it's personal. But every year I continue making some gifts and try really hard to give homemade gifts that people will use and like :)

  4. And here I am thinking I'm the only weird one when it comes to giving handmade gifts. I am so like that! I kinda have a panic attack when I watch someone open something I've made. So I've started only giving gifts that I would like to have for myself. And if there's someone on my list that I can't seem to please, then I just make a little "happy" extra, so they aren't completely disappointed that the only thing they got was something I "made." Luckily, most people are extremely gracious, but there are just those certain few...

  5. I feel the same way! I thought about giving a few people jewelry from my shop, but I don't want to assume everyone likes what I make! I think your lotion and the tags are perfect!

  6. I make something for my son's teachers and therapists each year - around a dozen small gifts. I don't know them outside of the tender care they give my boy. I get less happy with my idea as giving time approaches. What seemed hip! fresh! indie! becomes quirky, or worse, odd.
    I'm both relieved and sorry that I'm not the only one with these type feelings!

  7. Ditto! I am not fond of making gifts for friends and family due to my tight schedule. But if I have the time, I would try to do it. Also, I tried these lotions and I'm pretty impressed. Thank you for your skin care reviews.


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