gingerbread house

We started a holiday tradition last year - decorating a gingerbread house together. And by together, I mean Anderson and I. So far, we have left Sawyer out. Candy, icing, cookies, and a perfectionist mom do not mix. Eventually, Sawyer will get to help out but for now Anderson and I have enjoyed doing this together, just us. 

This is one of those gingerbread house kits from Target, along with some extra candy I picked up at Walgreens. 

The roof is made of Necco wafers. I sampled all of the candy, of course, including these. What the what?! People actually eat these on purpose? They are SO disgusting and now I feel like all of my teeth are going to fall out. Let me just give you an idea of what these taste like. Petrified tums-flavored chalk. I would rather eat Tums than these, and Tums gag me. Sorry Necco wafers - cute roof shingles though. 

These are my favorite part! I used gummy lifesavers to make little wreaths.  I just cut wedges from a red lifesaver and used icing to secure them down to make a bow. 

Mini Charleston Chews make up the bricks for the walkway.

The fence is made from the hook parts of mini candy canes. It was Anderson's idea. 
I told him "That's a really good idea." 
He said "I know."

It was a fun afternoon. Maybe one day I will make my own gingerbread... How likely is that? Probably about as likely as me eating Necco wafers again. 
Just for fun, here is last year's house: 

What are some of your holiday traditions?



  1. That is super sweet, love it! :-)

  2. The house is super cute! My daughter does this with her grandma each year and I love seeing the results. Such a great family tradition!

  3. We did this just last night! We thought it would be a fun thing to start with our little girl, but it was pretty much just the two of us. I think next year will be the perfect age for our little one to join in. It was still so much fun! Yours turned out fabulous! And, I totally agree about the candy - yuck! I guess I'm just a cholocate girl through and through :)

  4. I totally agree with you about Necco wafers! So gross! I could never understand my friends when I was younger raving about them and craving them. Yuck yuck!

  5. Really cute! I saw the preview on Instagram. I know what you mean about Necco wafers -- I think everyone feels that way! Don't know how they stay in business. I used to get them for Halloween whenI was a kid and they'd go straight in the garbage. Blech!

    AND, how funny: "I know." LOL. Men!

  6. So cute! And the wreaths are the best part!


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