a gift for you!

I am over at 30 days again, doing my needle arts guest posting thing. You didn't know about that? I have been posting on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month over at Mique's fab blog. She even made me official. Here's a picture to prove it: 

In my past guest posts, I have talked about getting getting started in embroidery, the back stitch, chain stitch, and stem stitch.

Today I am sharing something toootally awesome. You'll have to go check it out so see...

glitter, embroidery, and a red and turquoise color combo. Are you intrigued?

p.s. there may be a free pattern involved...



  1. Ooooh, very intrigued indeed! You will be so proud of me, Allison--I attempted embroidery the other day. Woohoo! All inspired by you, of course. It's a Christmas present, so pictures and a post will have to wait, but I dare say you will be proud of me ;-)

  2. I love it! I won't have time to do much more crafting this season, but I pinned it for next winter. Or maybe this January. : )

  3. Thank you Allison! Bless you for saving me from a fate of humiliation;). Also that Ryan Gosling thing below is making me laugh so hard right now. So funny!!

  4. these are beautiful allison!
    Might I ask on your beautiful studio if you could tell me where you found the lovely cameo bust book ends? I adore them.
    Thank you kindly

  5. PEA - I found them at Target in the spring of this year. The brand is Umbra, but unfortunately I have not seen them in the store since then.


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