be back soon!


I suppose I am taking a little unplanned break along with a lot of other bloggers. I think with Christmas and upturned schedules and illnesses, I am off my game. Among the many things I am doing:

-writing thank you cards (I used these free printable ones)
-putting away Christmas decor
-enjoying a little time off work (not enough)
-planning away for next year, but kind of not knowing what to plan
-eating leftover Christmas cookies and not feeling any guilt
-playing lots of video games with Anderson

All very important things, of course. I think my mind needs a creative break. I'll be back next week with pictures and posts and crafts and all sorts of good things. 

Hope you all are enjoying your holiday!



  1. How dare you put your real life ahead of me, your imaginary online friend. We're through.

  2. I second what Rachel said! OK, haha, just kidding of course. I just took a week off myself. There are so many things to do right now. Blogging ain't at the top of the list!


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