five things friday: weekend luxuries

It's Friday, although barely. It's before midnight, so still Friday...

I am in major need of a little indulgence this weekend. Work, motherhood, housekeeping, and life in general are kicking my behind. We all deserve a little luxury, right? Here are five of our weekend treats:

1. Rainbow Connection by Opi. You guys, this is the most tacky nail polish I have ever bought in my life. It is a super mutli-colored glitter nail polish that is not in any way age appropriate for a twenty-ahem-year old. But I am wearing it anyways. Cause I can. 

2. Cars 2. We are watching this with Sawyer tomorrow. Family movie date. Normally tv time is limited around here, but we are indulging in a little Saturday treat.

3. Reading time. I have been trying to be all intellectual and read "classics". Oliver Twist. Fell asleep in about 5 minutes. Robinson Crusoe. 10 minutes. So, I am calling it and am going to pick out a NY Times bestseller. Something flashy and funny to keep me awake. 

4. Play-Doh. I was so excited to let Sawyer play with this. We played a little this afternoon and he only tried to eat it three times before repeatedly stabbing it with that plastic knife that comes with the set.

5. She & Him Christmas. I just love this cd. It is relaxing and chill and I have a crush on Zoey Deschanel. Even the design on the cover is pretty. Sigh. 

What about you? Any little luxuries for your weekend?



  1. Fun stuff! Well, except for the play doh, something about play doh kind of gives me the willies. I think it's the smell.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I have *got* to get the Christmas album. I have She and Him Vol. 1. LOVE it.

  3. I *have* to get She & Him Christmas. I order their music!

  4. Not another girl crush!! Lol : )

    This weekend we're going furniture shopping, so that'll be my indulgence. And maybe I'll make some pumpkin cookies and cover them in chocolate frosting. Sounds like a plan!

  5. We watched Cars2 with the grandkids today. Made the living room a movie theatre, had popcorn and had a great time!


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