the big 0-2

My son is two today. I know every parent says this but I will say it anyway. Time flies!

We had a traintastic day full of playing with trains and train presents and buying a new train and watching trains. It was quite a day! I'll spare you a play by play, but it was a great celebration. Perfectly full of presents and sweets and all the good things that a birthday should have.

I am so proud of my baby turned big kid. He is so smart and funny and just full of life. Two years down, and I look forward to so many more.



  1. Happy Birthday to your little guy! Everyone tells you to cherish the moments when they are small because it goes so fast, but it is so true! My oldest is 5 and I still wonder where the time has gone!

  2. He is absolutely adorable! Happy Birthday Sawyer!

  3. aww happy birthday to your little man! my little guy is going to turn 4 at the beginning of january. i keep telling him to stop growing already.. he replies with "i can't help it! maybe you need another baby" hahaha yes, maybe... :)

  4. Two is definitely a fun age! (My lil girl turned 2 in Sept.) They sure become trouble makers, but they are oh so sweet!

  5. Congrats to him - a true sweetie! :-)

  6. Happy Birthday Sawyer! It's funny how we think our babies are big boys now that they're two! Lol

  7. oh, he's adorable. Happy birthday, Sawyer!

    And look how cute you made the pics for the blog :)


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