learning new tricks

I had no idea what was coming when the doctor told me that we would be having a boy. I didn't grow up around many boys. I only have sisters. I was the complete opposite of a tomboy. I was reserved and careful and quiet and an extreme introvert. Are you getting where I am going? 

My son is a wild, dirty, loud, crazy boy and wow. Just wow. 

Yesterday I watched him strategically place a slick magazine on the rug so that when he ran over it his feet would slip out from under him and he would fall. All the things that terrified me as a child, he loves. Falling, crashing, fighting, and screaming. 

He is giving me a run for my money. He has more spirit than I know what to do with. Want to see his latest trick?

Fake crying fits. Ohmyword. He does it all the time. Then he does this: 

Those green eyes! How can someone so cute be so mischievous?



  1. I just found your blog and I'm so excited. I too am from a family of all girls and when my first child came along it was lovely, a sweet little girl. Then I got a huge surprised with #2...a wild crazy little boy. I can totally relate. Before I always knew that boys were weird and after I had him I concluded they were born weird. From day one he's been a crazy kid.

  2. Haha - they sure are full of mischief!

    I´m the opposite though; I was actually a bit nervous when I was pregnant because I wasn´t sure what to do with a girl if I got one. In my head, I was a boys mama - and that´s how I ended up as well (though I´m pretty sure I could have handled a girl too)! :-D

  3. Oh my gosh....is this the cutest little guy ever! I know exactly what your saying my sister's second was a boy..we were so sure she would have a girl and it would be the next us!! When he popped out we were..." how do you do boy ?". They are so so so different....giant energy balls! Well you are in for a run!!!!!!! But a really fun one!

  4. Oh dear . . . boys. Love the fake crying face . . . Forrest is starting to pull those, too. Luckily, I have 3 older brothers, so even though I'm also the opposite of a tomboy, I'm at least used to rolling my eyes at their shenanigans (an important motherly skill).

  5. Do you know when we were finding out the genders of our twins, the dr saw that C was a boy immediately.

    First thing I thought was "what on earth will I do with a boy?"

    I'm not a very girly girl but I also have no experience (!) with boys.

    I used to have these weird dreams where I'd walk around asking people what do I do with a boy! LOL

    And now I can't imagine my life without my rowdy, boisterous, fearless, boy. He is just like yours - I think God gave him to me to chill a bit :) because I'm screaming half the time (in terror) and he just laughs at me. All at 2 years 3 months!


    congrats on the gig at Mique's blog - she's another of my favourites but I never comment there. :-o

  6. This really made me laugh. I am middle sister of 3 girls. Had no clue what life would be like with boys. I have sixe year old TWIN BOYS! I can so relate to this post. I really don't mean for it to sound mean, but boys are just GROSS!
    Love your blog! I am anxious to look around more.


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