learn to backstitch

I am over at 30 days again, sharing a quick tutorial on backstitching. I also share how to make this little lovely: 

One of my most favorite things I have made. It's already hanging up in my house. Go check it out if you'd like.



  1. Wow! Now this is just too stinking adorable!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration!!!

  2. LOVE this. I just organized all my embroidery and supplies. I may have to add this to my list of must dos. So great.

  3. I love it! I really want to do more embroidery... maybe I'll start up again after my Christmas knitting is done. Thanks for inspiring me!!!

  4. I just found you via this featured post. Your blog is the cutest thing ever! I want to follow it but the Google Friend Connect isn't working. I'll grab your button and put it on my blog so I can find you again!

  5. I cannot get this to come up... been trying for days now. Anyone else having this issue? I just wanted to find out what this is stitched on. Is that fabric or paper and where can I get it?!

  6. Hasper - What is not coming up? The post at 30 days? Please do let me know so I can try to fix it. As far as what this is stitched on - it is fabric. Joel Dewberry Aviary 2.

    Hope this helps you! Please let me know what is not working so we can take care of it - and if anyone else is having problems let me know.


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