halloween decor

It is October and the blog world is flowing with pictures of Halloween decor and projects and crafts and food and on and on. I thought it is only right that I jump in and share my Halloween decorating with you.

Please don't be intimidated by my elaborate display.

What's that? Don't see it? Look again.

There it is. A dollar store pumpkin that my mom bought last year because she thought Sawyer needed some Halloween decorations. I don't even have it out. It stays in the junk cabinet. 

I am storing up all my holiday creative energy for Christmas. You know that crazy lady in Hobby Lobby looking at Christmas ornaments in July? That's me.



  1. Hah how funny! I'm not much of a halloween decorator either. I'm like you, it's all about Christmas! Can't wait to see what you put together (:

  2. I decorate for fall but skip halloween... at least until Nathan is old enough to appreciate it. : P

  3. Hehehe... that's awesome :D I only started decorating for halloween last year. Christmas is by far my favorite though!

  4. Aw, hehe. Well it's a cute little pumpkin!

  5. Beautiful decorations, I hope you don't mind if I copy it for my kitchen... so cute!

  6. And this is exactly why I love you and your blog so, so much :-)


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