five things friday: wish list

happy Friday!

Let's talk wish lists. Christmas is coming up, right? 2 months isn't that long. Plus, I just want an excuse to share some lovely things with you. 

Kelly Moore 2 sues bag in mustard. I have been wanting a camera bag for a long time. Really I have been wanting a Kelly Moore bag, but they are pri-cey! The color and the size and the casual look - just my style.  Someday...

Penguin Classics cloth hardcovers. I love the look of these clothbound books and just want to collect them all. The designs are so modern and fresh. So if anyone wants to buy me the whole collection, I am ok with that. 

Bird over door hanger by umbra.  We have really limited closet space, so this hanger would be perfect for our tiny little house. I mean, it's birds, so I'm in. 

Spring Cluster studs from forever21. Finally something affordable! Only $3.80 for all this lovely. 

Coffee Shop Double Breasted wool coat from Target. Isn't it pretty? But, it is out of stock right now. I am watching you, Target website. 

What about you? What unaffordable things are you crushing on? I mean really, out of all the things on this list, I can afford the earrings and maybe a book here and there. It's fun to look at pretty things and dream though, so there you have it.



  1. I hate cooking, but for some reason I have always wanted the really expensive Kitchen Aide stand mixer. It's on my Christmas wish list this year.

  2. I want those books as well! They would look stunning on a set of white lacquered bookshelves. LOVE!

    I've been drooling over a larger Cricut and a rotary cutting tool and large cutting mat for a long time. They'll definitely be on my list for sure.

  3. A serger and a WorkBox and now I want to replace my current Austen hardcover collection with those up there, because, well, why not?

  4. You have great taste! I love all your picks.

    I was like, I have hardcover Penguin books! But they do not look like that one! lol At least, not with the jackets on. No modern designs or anything nice like that.

    I had been dying for a ScrapBox scrapbooking/papercrafting amoire thing, but now I'll settle for some cheap-ass shelving. I don't know what big expensive thing I should be drooling over right now!

  5. These are all good! I love how they all revolve around crafts and books :)

  6. I'm not really someone who delays gratification - good thing I'm super careful about money though.

    Although... at the moment I have photos on my mind - I really need to get a big camera by the end of the year and I want to order TONS of our latest photo shoot (I blogged about 2 weeks ago) on canvas and prints, so that's going to be nice and pricey but so worth having those pics that make me so happy all around me!

  7. Ooh, the door hanger is awesome!


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