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I want to share something really awesome with you. You may have heard about it, but in case you haven't I want to make sure you do. 

Sometimes other bloggers blow you away with their creativity or wit or talent, and sometimes they blow you away with generosity and heart. I feel like that about Mique of 30 Handmade Days and Jessica of allora Handmade. Their friend Sharlie is awaiting a double lung and heart transplant and they created Shop for Sharlie to help raise money to cover some of her medical bills (read more about Sharlie here). Shop for Sharlie is stocked with tutorials and printables and even some ad spaces on a few blogs. All of the proceeds go to help Sharlie. It is such a great thing they are doing and I think you all should check it out.

I purchased this pdf cross stitch pattern. I couldn't resist the sweet, simple patterns and I was so happy to do my very small part in helping a great cause.

Here is one of the pieces I stitched up this weekend. 

I like the simple, unadorned message. I thought about adding a border or tiny flowers or something, but I like it like this. Minimalist cross stitch?

 For now, this pretty quote is living with my doily wall art. I think I like it.



  1. wow! what a wonderful post! i'm going to go and check out your links. thanks for sharing!
    i also love your minimalist cross stitching ;) and i think it looks just perfect with your doilies! xo

  2. Thanks for posting about Shop for Sharlie! I somehow missed it (how'd that happen?!), and I want to donate patterns and ad space to the cause. I just reached out to Mique to see if it's not too late to join in. Thanks!

  3. So cute! Good meening of the text...hugs from Sweden

  4. IN LOVE!! I love how it turned out Allison! So simple and so perfect!! Thanks for supporting Sharlie. xoxo


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