happy halloween

Happy Halloween from our little conductor. 

The cutest conductor in the world. 

And he just loves being dressed up. Can't you tell?



october giveaway winner

I am popping in from a busy and fun weekend to announce the winner of October's giveaway. 

Congrats to #84 (chosen by random.org): 

Lindsay, I will email you about getting your prize to you. 

Thanks so much to all of you for entering! I was blown away by the response to this giveaway - it makes me happy and even more inspired to get my etsy shop stocked. We'll see...



tutorial: halloween treats

I would say I am still busy working on guest posts, but that would be a lie. Right now, I am watching Biggest Loser and cross stitching. I have had a week long headache and my creativity is running low so I am taking a break. Good thing I have some stuff saved up. Here is another guest post I did last week at Blissful and Domestic. I wanted to go ahead and post it, just in case you haven't got enough Halloween inspiration from the blog world (yeah right).


What do you think of when you think of Halloween? Me - I think of candy. While I love a nice, big bag of Halloween candy from the grocery store, I love making something special and fun for my friends. I came up with these cute little treats to share with you today.

 Aren't they fun?

I saw this cute ice cube mold at JoAnn's and I knew it would make perfect candies. 

 For making the candy, you will need candy melts, a mold, a squeeze bottle, and a bowl and spoon for melting. 

Melt the candy melts in the microwave 30 seconds at a time on 50% power, stirring every thirty seconds. Trust me on this one - you need to melt the candy this way!  
Half power, 30 seconds at a time, stirring frequently.
Once your candy is melted, pour it into the bottle and begin to squeeze into your mold. 

You will want to squeeze candy into the facial details first, knock the mold a few times in the counter to get rid of bubbles, and then finish filling the mold. 

After you have filled all of your molds, knock the mold on the counter a few more times to even out the candy and get all the bubbles out. 

Let your candy set for a few hours and pop out of the mold. 

Meanwhile, you can make the packaging for your skull candies.

This is what I used to make my packaging - but I definitely encourage you to make something that fits your style or that is personalized to you. Have fun with it!

Fold your orange square in half.

Gather your crepe paper between your fingers to ruffle it. 

 Run a line of hot glue down the center of your folded orange paper. 

Glue the ruffle crepe paper down.
  Adhere a strip of glue tape down the back of your black strip of paper. 

Stick the black strip down in the middle of the crepe paper and wrap the edges of the paper strip around the back. 

Fold your paper packaging over the top of the plastic bag of candies and staple down. 

Glue down your stamped sentiment over the staples and you are done. 


I hope you have enjoyed my little Halloween project. Watch for something similar for Christmas.

By the way, 2 months until Christmas in case you aren't keeping track. I am already tempted to get out my collection of Christmas music. Yes, I am on of those.



my blog is growing up

I did something last night that I should have done a long time ago - I bought a domain name for my blog. No more blogger.com for me. Yay! I am pretty excited and feel like a pro now. Humor me. 

Things are still in transition or something like that. That's what google tells me. I don't know - as long as I can still see my blog I am not freaking out, but I don't want to loose any of you lovely followers once the transition is complete.(If anyone has any experience with doing this, let me know!)

If you would, please, pretty please make sure that you have www.littleloveliesbyallison.com in your Google readers or bookmarks or whatever you use so that you don't miss a single post.

No man left behind!


learn to backstitch

I am over at 30 days again, sharing a quick tutorial on backstitching. I also share how to make this little lovely: 

One of my most favorite things I have made. It's already hanging up in my house. Go check it out if you'd like.


a tribute to my number one fan

Normally I am not an overly sentimental person. Unless there is a Disney World commercial on - then the tears just start flowing. It must be some sort of emotional Pavlovian response. One glimpse of Cinderella castle and I am ugly crying. Anyways, I kind of gag when ladies gush about the husbands (hubbies - gag!) on their blogs. I don't blame anyone for it, but it is just not my thing. So, I am not trying to make you all puke, but I think Anderson deserves a shout out.

 He helped me build my craft room. He cheers me on when I am discouraged. He thinks my ideas are so awesome that he spent an entire evening trying to convince me to patent one of them. He doesn't question my "necessary" trips to the craft store. He checks my blog more than I do, and I am not exaggerating. He knows exactly how many comments I have on my posts. Seriously. He is, without a doubt, my number one fan. 

He's also pretty talented himself. Knowing my love for the Disney movie, Up (cue the tears), he drew me these last night. 

Sweet, right? So here's to you, number one fan. You're the best.



paint chip bookmarks

I am busy busy preparing for quite a few guest posts that I have coming up. While I work away, here's a post I did for Bec at small birdie a few weeks ago. Looking for a beautiful blog full of lovely projects? Go check out Bec's blog. Seriously. It is one of my favs! 

And it's more bookmarks. I have a problem, I know. 


I had a load of paint chips left over from repainting my kitchen. I just loved the soft grey colors too much to throw away, so I turned them into something pretty and useful.

Here is what you will need:

Using my Cuttlebug and a bookmark die, I cut bookmarks from the paint chips. 

 Don't have a Cuttlebug or bookmark die? That's ok, I thought about that. Just cut a long rectangle out of paper or your paint chip and use a corner rounder on the edges. Punch a hole near the top, and you have a bookmark. 

After punching out all of my bookmarks, I added rub ons for some extra detail and interest. 

Attach a ribbon or embroidery floss for the tail of the bookmark and you are done. 

I love a simple project and one that can be easily customized. You could use scrapbook paper, photos, or even old cards or postcards as your base, add stamps, rub ons, or stickers and any sort of pretty ribbon as the tail, and you have a lovely personalized project. 



five things friday: wish list

happy Friday!

Let's talk wish lists. Christmas is coming up, right? 2 months isn't that long. Plus, I just want an excuse to share some lovely things with you. 

Kelly Moore 2 sues bag in mustard. I have been wanting a camera bag for a long time. Really I have been wanting a Kelly Moore bag, but they are pri-cey! The color and the size and the casual look - just my style.  Someday...

Penguin Classics cloth hardcovers. I love the look of these clothbound books and just want to collect them all. The designs are so modern and fresh. So if anyone wants to buy me the whole collection, I am ok with that. 

Bird over door hanger by umbra.  We have really limited closet space, so this hanger would be perfect for our tiny little house. I mean, it's birds, so I'm in. 

Spring Cluster studs from forever21. Finally something affordable! Only $3.80 for all this lovely. 

Coffee Shop Double Breasted wool coat from Target. Isn't it pretty? But, it is out of stock right now. I am watching you, Target website. 

What about you? What unaffordable things are you crushing on? I mean really, out of all the things on this list, I can afford the earrings and maybe a book here and there. It's fun to look at pretty things and dream though, so there you have it.



crafty literature

You know what is happy? New craft books. 

I got a couple new ones to tell you guys about. I love them so much. I keep walking by them and patting the covers or flipping them open to check out the pictures. I can't wait until I have time to try out some of the projects. 

I can't resist anything tiny, so when I came across Microcrafts, I knew I had to have it.

The photography is so great, and the projects are just so tiny and sweet. Are they practical things? Nah, but sometimes you need to make something that is just because. 

Tiny owls, bitty little deer, a teensy card. All less than 2 inches. Adorbs. 

I also ordered the new book, Stitched Whimsy. 

Also really cute, but I would most likely make the projects in this book for a kid. The pictures are so bright and cheery and make me smile. 
Look at that peg people house! Every little girl needs one. And I think those felt deer need to be made for Christmas.

Also along the lines of craft books, I just got this months issue of Martha Stewart Living. 

A cross stitch article - yay!

What about you? Any new craft books or magazines that you are loving?


halloween guest post

I am over at Blissful & Domestic doing a Halloween guest post. It's pretty much the only Halloween thing I have ever made, so you should go check it out. 

It involves candy...



October follower giveaway

UPDATE: giveaway closed

I can't believe we are already half way through October. How did that happen?

I have something a little different for October's follower giveaway. It's a bunch of stuff made by me! Until I get my etsy shop up and running (I am shooting for 2013 at this rate), here is your chance to win some little lovelies exclusives.

links to the posts about all this great stuff:

All of it will go to one lucky winner. 


Here is how you can win:
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It's easy - Be a follower of little lovelies and leave me a comment telling me so.  

Some more chances to win:
(optional entries)
  • Follow little lovelies on facebook and leave a comment telling me so. 
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As always, please leave your email address in your comments or have it linked to your profile. Please. Make it easy for me to give you stuff!

This giveaway will end Friday, October 28th at 10:00pm CST. Open to US and international readers. 

Thanks for being the best blog followers around.