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Let's talk about the yarn crafts, shall we?

I have been working on a knitting piece for.ev.er. It is the appropriately named infinity scarf (find it here on ravelry)

Seriously, I believe I started this in January or February. And here is my progress: 

That is 17 inches of cabled goodness. Unfortunately, the pattern calls for 55 inches (!!). So, I have a ways to go. I am making a goal of finishing by the end of September (!) so that I can enjoy it during the fall. Throw on jeans, a tee, and this adorable thing and you have the perfect fall outfit. As it stands now, I guess I could just drape my 17" mini scarf over my shoulder. Weird (!!). 

I do love the look oh so much. It is baby alpaca yarn and is so light and soft. My knitting friend helped me pick it out because I know zero about yarn. I would have picked up some tacky stuff at Michael's I am sure, so she helped me pick something luxurious and fancy from a yarn store. I also love that it is a reverse pattern - so the cables show up on the front and the back. 

Also up on the yarn front - Rachel from Maybe Matilda is having a crochet along! I love Rachel and her blog and she is such a fantastically talented crocheter. We will be learning how to crochet (maybe I will, maybe I won't?) and making this: 

Pretty! I am excited and also feeling kind of challenged to see if I can, once and for all, learn to crochet. I have had some battles with crochet, which mostly stem from pattern reading. I seriously cannot get how many extra chains for what stitch and how many yarn overs and panic attack. So, I am hoping to get it. You should join in the fun and crochet along with me. 

One more thing. I want to make this:

(click on the picture to go to the ravelry link). That is all on the yarn front. 

Are you on ravelry? If you are find me here. My user name is allisonmae if you want to find me that way. I pretty much use it for patterns, but I would love to make some friends on there. 

What about you? Knitting or crocheting anything?



  1. I'm participating in the CAL too! I just bought some new yarn for the cowl, I might make it over the weekend.

    You can definitely crochet! If you need to, use youtube videos to show you exactly how to make the stitches, it's what I had to do to learn.

  2. Ha, Casey will be done with her CAL project in a record 2 days :-)

    I love your infinity scarf so far! It's so cute! I've been itching to pick knitting up again--I learned a few years ago but ditched it for crochet and have been really wanting to pick it up again. I bet you'll love crocheting--personally, I think it's a lot easier than knitting. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't learn it . . . you'll probably open your own crochet shop and drive me out of business :-(

  3. I do think crocheting is somewhat easier and faster as far as the stitches are concerned, but I just need to learn the logistics of it. I can read a knitting pattern for the most part, but can't read a crochet pattern. Don't worry Rachel, no crochet shop for me. Your business is safe :)

  4. Lovely scarf! Love the pattern and color you've chosen.

    I'm working on a pair of toddler socks (my own free pattern!) and a Tomten Jacket for said toddler. Both easy. I look forward to sinking my teeth into something more complicated while we're away on vacation next week. : ) And yes, knitting belongs on vacation.


  5. that is a beautiful scarf!!! well done! also. what a lovely blog! i just found it ;) i just finished the rae scarf. i LOVE jane's patterns. i made mine in madelinetosh... sooo smooshy and yummy. and i've already cast on for another in malabrigo for a class sample. love it! you should definitely knit it!
    as for crochet! you can totally learn the pattern reading. even if you need a cheat sheet for a little while you can do it!

  6. I'm participating too! And I've gotten a friend to play along as well. As I said on my blog this weekend...you have inspired me to get back into being creative. Thanks so much!


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