I have done it. I have succumbed to peer pressure. Yes, my lovely readers, I am now on twitter.

I know you all have been dying to know the kind of every day things that float through my mind. 

"What did she eat for breakfast?"
"What is she doing right now?"
"Yes, I would love to see that picture of the curtain she sewed for her bathroom."

You can find all this mundane information and more on my twitter account. As you can tell, I am not going to take it too seriously. I have a hard time tweeting anything without feeling stupid, so I almost tweet about 20 things a day, which turns into about 1 tweet :) I want to share links and photos and other fun stuff, and I would love for you to follow me.

The twitter button is on my right side bar (or click the one above).


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  1. I'm on twitter but I never tweet - I just have my organising blog going through twitter because a "guru" said that's a good thing to do :)


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