A few random happy snapshots from around our house. 

 An appropriate selection of books - the Bible, Sleep is for the Weak (really funny take on parenthood), and a yarn catalog or two.

Sawyer's new-ish boots. See that ultrasound picture in the back? Hard to believe it has been over two years since his first picture was taken. 

My new Kitchen Aid mixer. The pistachio color is to die for. 

My busy planner. List after list. Ones like "Stuff to Google" "27 before 27" "Project Ideas" and "Disney Podcasts". Geek alert.

Leftover kettle corn from a fair my sister and I went to on Saturday. It was kind of an idealistic fall day - cool and breezy and just perfect. We got fresh lemonade, kettle corn, and sat on an bench while we people watched. Happy.  

Cozy table stuff. How I love that silly chicken and cheap-o vase. 

Thomas stickers. Thomas everything.

I don't know why I don't take more documentary type photos. Someday I might not remember those sweet boots, or the fall day with my sister, or the Thomas obsession. 

Actually, I think I will remember Thomas for.ev.er.



  1. 27 before 27...BRILLIANT! I just turned 26 last week and tried to set some concrete goals. This will challenge and, hopefully, change me. thanks for sharing

  2. glad you liked the 27 before 27 idea! i am going to do a post about it soon :)

  3. What do you keep in the Chicken? I think I love him!

  4. Usually we just keep napkins in it, but we were out :)


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