Have you heard of SMASH book

I am kind of in love. Back when I had gobs of free time (you know, before having a kid), I liked to scrapbook. I would spend hours on one page. I laugh at that now. If I had hours at a time free now, I would try to get about 15 projects done in the same amount of time. Which is what I do.

Anyways, enter smashbook. I think this first page from the book describes it well: 

 Basically it can be what you want it to be - an idea book, a journal, a scrapbook, anything. 

Since I had Sawyer and went back to work full time, I have zero patience for scrapbooking at a time when recording little moments and memories should be so important to me. So, I got a smashbook and I use my at home printer to print pictures and jot down special things. 

Here are some of my messy, simple, unfussy pages. 

The dates aren't in order, there is no rhyme or reason. Hardly any embellishments, messy handwriting. Even a page out of a card magazine that I liked. It's not perfect, but it is recorded. Someday I hope that my kids or grandkids will find this and be so excited to read about Sawyer and I's day at the zoo with my sister in September 2011. It seems insignificant now, but can you imagine having something like this is 10 years? Makes me excited for 10 years to go by. 

I'll post more pages as I complete them. If you are anything like me (nosy), then you like to look at others' scrapbook pages ;)

p.s. You might be seeing more about the smash book later this week... that's all I am gonna say for now. wink



  1. Oooh, I love it! That's my kind of scrapbooking . . . I've never gotten into it because it looks so intimidating--everyone's designs look, well, like they took hours, which I'm just not willing to do, but this looks just as cute, while being quick and easy and fun. Adorable!

  2. LOVE love LOVE!! Unlike you I have been trying to keep up with my scrapbooks and I have two lil girlies under 2! Not to mention 1000 projects I want to do! I'm falling behind...and this might be the solution!! Thanks so much for sharing, I doubt mine would ever look as fabulous!

  3. I so need something like this. I eventually will get back around to scrapbooking, but for now I just don't have time. This would be perfect for recording all those memories, funny sayings that you don't want to forget!

  4. I REALLY like this concept! I'm an avid scrapbooker, but am about a year behind. It drives me crazy as I used to be able to keep
    up-to-date on it. Can't wait to see more about it! Dana

  5. Great idea! I only started scrapbooking when my son was born, and stopped around six months. I want to pick it back up, but I just don't have the time. It's just not as fun as all of my other hobbies! Maybe this winter when there's less to do outside...

  6. I bought one last night!!! I had to come back and check out your post again...I am so excited to get 'smashing'. I was even more excited when I saw the book at the local scrapbook store, I was sooo giddy, haha.


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