five things friday: pretty pins

I am in love with Pinterest. lovey love love. 

So for FTF, here are five of my favorite pins (at the moment).

1. Cute quote. 
I actually just started a project inspired by this. Watch for it in the next week or two. 

2. The best embroidery ever. 
I am pretty sure my husband feels like this about me with some of the stuff I come home with. hah. 

3. Turtle bites. 
I might just take a trip to the grocery store to make these for a weekend treat.  I have had one of those days so I think I deserve them. And right there is why I am hanging on to those extra few baby pounds. 

4. Cute little owl rocks.
I can't even get over how cute these are. What would I do with them? I don't even know... I guess it would be nicer to throw rocks at people if they were painted like owls.
Source: None via Allison on Pinterest

5. This necklace is so sweet. 
I also have a project in the works sort of inspired by this, but sort of not. So watch for that soon too. 

happy Friday, folks.



  1. Nice pins! That's exactly why I still have the baby weight, too. I feel like I "deserve" a treat after a hard day! And apparently I don't deserve any exercise..... :P

  2. I LOVE the bird embroidery--that is fantastic. You should make one. And those turtles? They ARE amazing!

  3. love it! and ohmygosh. i saw a recipe posted for homemade turtles.... http://missmelissak.blogspot.com/2011/09/turtles.html
    i think i have to make them this year.
    love your post!

  4. Great pins. I'm defiantly going to have to try out the turtles. Yum.


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