five things friday: pretty pins

I am in love with Pinterest. lovey love love. 

So for FTF, here are five of my favorite pins (at the moment).

1. Cute quote. 
I actually just started a project inspired by this. Watch for it in the next week or two. 

2. The best embroidery ever. 
I am pretty sure my husband feels like this about me with some of the stuff I come home with. hah. 

3. Turtle bites. 
I might just take a trip to the grocery store to make these for a weekend treat.  I have had one of those days so I think I deserve them. And right there is why I am hanging on to those extra few baby pounds. 

4. Cute little owl rocks.
I can't even get over how cute these are. What would I do with them? I don't even know... I guess it would be nicer to throw rocks at people if they were painted like owls.
Source: None via Allison on Pinterest

5. This necklace is so sweet. 
I also have a project in the works sort of inspired by this, but sort of not. So watch for that soon too. 

happy Friday, folks.




A few random happy snapshots from around our house. 

 An appropriate selection of books - the Bible, Sleep is for the Weak (really funny take on parenthood), and a yarn catalog or two.

Sawyer's new-ish boots. See that ultrasound picture in the back? Hard to believe it has been over two years since his first picture was taken. 

My new Kitchen Aid mixer. The pistachio color is to die for. 

My busy planner. List after list. Ones like "Stuff to Google" "27 before 27" "Project Ideas" and "Disney Podcasts". Geek alert.

Leftover kettle corn from a fair my sister and I went to on Saturday. It was kind of an idealistic fall day - cool and breezy and just perfect. We got fresh lemonade, kettle corn, and sat on an bench while we people watched. Happy.  

Cozy table stuff. How I love that silly chicken and cheap-o vase. 

Thomas stickers. Thomas everything.

I don't know why I don't take more documentary type photos. Someday I might not remember those sweet boots, or the fall day with my sister, or the Thomas obsession. 

Actually, I think I will remember Thomas for.ev.er.



tutorial: fall wreath

It is officially fall now. Finally. I am so happy summer has passed and winter is coming.

To celebrate, I made a fall wreath to hang on our front door. I love the combo of leaves, burlap, and glitter. An odd combination really, but it works.

Here's a little rundown on how to make one of your own.

Gather your supplies. You will need: 

-a wreath
-fake leaves (I bought one of those garlands on sale for $4.99 and cut the leaves off of it)
-burlap cut into 2"x6" strips
-hot glue
-a monogram covered in glitter (chipboard monogram from Hobby Lobby, glitter by Martha Stewart)

Start by making your burlap strips into loops by hot gluing the ends together. 

Start layering your pieces on, starting from the outside and working in. 

Once you get to the middle, make a little background for the monogram to sit on. I did this by gluing three burlap loops together and placing the monogram on top.

That's it. It was easy, cheap, and quick to make. I made one for me and one for my sister (which is why you see an "M" and a "B"). 

Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas wreaths? Yes? Yes. Ok.


by the way...

While Bec is posting on my blog here, I am over at her blog, smallbirdie, sharing how to make these:

Click {here} to check it out.


guest post: bec from smallbirdie

I have a fun surprise for you today - a guest poster! When I found Bec's blog, smallbirdie, I felt like I had found a little treasure. I love her style, her pictures, her tutorials, all of it! ok, I'll stop gushing now and let Bec share her tutorial with all of you: 

Hello! I'm Bec from smallbirdie and I'm so excited that Allison invited me to share a little tutorial with you today!

A little while ago, I shared a post about a coffee bean tote bag that I had recycled from an old coffee bean sack, but I have had a few requests for a tutorial, so here it is!

To make this bag you will need...
  • 1 coffee bean sack
  • Herringbone Tape 1.5 inches x 1.1 yards
  • Thread
(EDITED TO ADD: a reader has pointed out that 1.1 yards of herringbone tape is not enough. She has suggested that three yards is what is needed to finish this project. Thanks for pointing that out!)

Cut the coffee sack into two 15x19 inch rectangles, and also one 5x48 inch strip. Also, cut two handles from the herringbone tape 30 inches each. The remainder of the tape is for the boarder of the bag.

SECOND, Taking the strip of coffee sack, iron in a double fold about a 1/2 inch each fold. Do this for both lengths of the strip.
Now taking the two large rectangles of the coffee sack, iron in a 1/2 inch fold on the sides and base.

 Next, position the rectangles of the bag within the fold of the strip, making sure that they are centred with each other.
THIRD, Pin this in place and sew along the boarder. I found it easier to pin and sew one side in at a time.

It should now look like this...

Now it's time to add the boarder and handles. For the boarder, iron it in half along the length, and then pin in place around the top of the bag, placing in the handles as you go. I put my handles in 3.5 inches from the sides. Now, sew along the top, making sure you catch both sides of the herringbone tape.
Here is the finished product..

Now for the giveaway!.. I am giving one lucky blogger the chance to win this recycled coffee bean tote bag. To enter, all you have to do is...  

1. 'Follow' smallbirdie and come back here to this post and leave a comment telling me you did.  
2. 'Like' smallbirdie on Facebook  and come back here to this post and leave a comment telling me you did.  

Please make sure to leave you email address in the comments so you can be contacted if you win. 

 Giveaway ends on Friday, September 30, and the winner will be announced on Saturday, October 1st. 

good luck! Thanks for having me Allison!

Isn't this a great bag? It looks so easy too! Easy enough for me to attempt, which is saying something :) I just love Bec and all of her sweet ideas. Make sure you head on over to smallbirdie and show her some love.  



september giveaway winner

I have been busy busy today taking pictures and editing and writing posts for the next week or two. It feels SO good to get stuff done. Lots of fun crafty stuff coming your way! 

In between all of that, I am stopping in to announce the winner of the SMASH book giveaway.

Chosen by random.org...

Congrats Renee! I will contact you via email.

Thanks so so much to all of you who entered. I am dreaming up October's great giveaway, so stay tuned!



five things friday: crochet inspiration

happy Friday!

Remember this pathetic post? I have been wanting to learn how to crochet for so long! I tried teaching myself using books, YouTube videos, tutorials, etc., but I just could not get it. Enter the Crochet Along at Maybe Matilda. I was determined to get it this time. I bought the materials (the fun part) and prepared myself for a night of tears and throwing things as I sat down to - once and for all - learn crochet. 

Guess what? No tears, no throwing things. I got it, thanks to this post and  this post and this post where Rachel walks through the different kinds of crochet stitches and then the specific stitches used in the pattern she chose for the crochet along. Victory!

So anyways, I am crocheting away and even made a couple granny squares. Eeep! I am about to do this to my whole house:

Kidding. kind of. 

It's been a couple of weeks since I had a five things friday, so I thought I would share five crochet projects I am crushing on right now. 

(just in case you don't want to actually crochet)


Sigh. So pretty. 
If you like, you can find more crochet inspiration on my crochet pinterest board

 I just love the vibe that you get from a good granny square project. It's all homey and cozy and comforting. What? You didn't know that granny squares gave off vibes. Well, now you do.

Hope you all have a great weekend full of crocheting or knitting or whatever else gives you some good vibes.