tutorial: way to go card

I don't know about you, but I can't think of a better kind of card to keep around: 

 We all need a bit of encouragement now and then. 

Here is what you will need: 

  • white cards
  • patterned paper - atd 
  • chipboard shapes - Cosmo Cricket
  • rub-ons -  American Crafts
  • twine - Papertrey Inc. 
  • dies - Quikutz nesting rectangles
  • tools - scissors, glue, nail file (!), Cuttlebug
Start by tracing around your chipboard pieces onto your patterned paper. 
After cutting your pieces out, you will want to glue the paper to the chipboard. 

See on the left how the glue is blobbed in big lines? You don't want to put your paper down directly onto that. Your paper is much more likely to wrinkle and be uneven and not pretty! Use your finger to spread it around evenly (like on the right), and then put your paper down. Let dry completely.

This is what you will have. Chances are, your tracing a cutting wasn't flawless. That's where the nail file comes in handy. Use your nail file to gently sand down around the edges to even out the paper and to give it a nice, distressed look. 

See? It looks better and more finished now. 

Since my shape had those cute button holes already cut, I decided to add some baker's twine. 

 I cut five lengths of twine, threaded them through the holes, and tied a knot. 

I originally thought I would just have the star and the sentiment. After seeing it, I just knew it needed a bit more. 

 I used my Cuttlebug and nesting rectangle dies to create a simple frame.

Now I have all my parts ready - the card, the embellished star, the frame, and my rub on sentiment. Attach them to the card and you're done. 

Doesn't the blue frame make the card? I cannot tell you how much I love these rectangle dies. If you are able to invest in some good, timeless tools, you won't regret it. You know the kinds of things I do regret? Complicated, time consuming, trendy things. I am about to get mobbed here - but I don't really care for my Cricut. I use it for big projects like parties, but I love the simplicity of a hand crank die cut machine and a few essential dies and embossing plates. I am all about simple beauty. 

What about you? Are you crazy about your Cricut/Silhouette and think I am nuts? Do you agree that you are more likely to use simple tools? Tell me in the comments, I want to know! 




  1. Hmmm . . . then can I have your unloved Cricut? ;-) I love your cards! You have such great ideas, and it's nice to hear that someone besides me is doing things the old-fashioned cut-it-by-hand way (even if it's not because you have to, like me).

  2. I'm with you - keep it simple. Always.

    Love your cards :) I do a thing where I do random acts of kindness every month (my goal is at least one a week) and so I have huge stashes of cards to leave anonymous (and not) well wishes :)

  3. I have been designing cards/scrapbooking for years and at the start like you, I am manually cutting designs. However, when the orders outnumber my body's limitation I bought a cricut and trust me the designs anyone is doing would not only double in volume but in creativity. We usually buy beauty products to enhance our skin. Cricut enhances our innate creative talent. :)


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