tutorial: get well card

I always need a few Get Well cards in my card collection, but I sometimes struggle to keep them appropriate. You know, cutesy stuff for get well cards just kind of isn't always fitting, especially when the illness is serious. So I came up with an any-illness get well card. Simple and appropriate.


  •  kraft cardstock
  • patterned paper (Bo Bunny double dot)
  • white paper
  • stamps (for sentiment - Hero Arts)/ink
  • scissors
  • adhesive
  • sewing machine
    Since I don't have a raindrop punch, I made my own stencil. 

     I googled raindrop silhouette and this is one of the images that came up. I printed it on thick cardstock, cut out the raindrop shape, and instant stencil. 

    This is the back of the "stencil." (I used the same google-print-cut process for the cloud.)

    I cut out a bunch of raindrops (and clouds). 

    I laid out the pieces and made small pencil marks where I wanted to put them. I used a small amount of adhesive to hold the raindrops in place so that they did not shift while I was sewing them. 

    Sew down the raindrops. Make sure to backstitch so nothing comes unraveled. 

    Glue on your clouds. 

    I made these assembly line style. I figure since I already had a mess made I would go ahead and make a few.

    Stamp your senitment and done. 

    If I hadn't broken a needle, jammed my sewing machine, and had a few other technical difficulties, I would have been able to make these in 30 minutes to an hour. Let's just say it took me a little bit longer than that...

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    1. You're right, these are perfect for any illness. Love it!

    2. Those are beautiful ... you keep making me buy stuff! I already bought those typewriter stamps, and the for the record paper .... now I think I must have those sentiment stamps too!!! You have such great ideas, thanks for sharing!! Hugs, Sara :)

    3. What a great idea! I think making your own stencil is ingenious! Thanks for the tip and the creative ideas.

      I do hope you'll sell some notecards in your shop... they'll do great!

      I don't have a sewing machine yet, but someday..... If only there were more hours in the day! : )

    4. These are adorable! I love that you made your own shapes. So inventive :)

    5. This is so cute! Such a great idea! :)
      -HappyHands @ www.mimickinggodscreation.blogspot.com

    6. So cute & simple!! I use that technique all the time to print things out and cut them. I do it for letters for titles also. I type what I want in the font I like and then I cut it out in patterned paper. It takes a long time, but it comes out gorgeous!!

    7. Very cool card, thanks for the tutorial!

    8. cute card!! I´ll feature on my blog
      hope you don´t mind
      hugs from Brazil


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