five things friday: card making wish list

Remember last week when I shared my 5 must-have card making supplies? (Read it here in case you missed it).

Well, this week I want to share a little wish list of 5 card making things I wish I had.

1. The new October Afternoon paper lines. 

Mmmmm. I have a thing for October Afternoon and these new lines are just lovely. Vintage-y and pretty and perfect. If they show up at Archiver's, I am sure I will be snatching up one of those 8x8 paper pads.

2. Up, Up, & Away stamp set and dies by Papertrey Inc. 
I have had my eye on this set for months. I have a thing for hot air balloons and for stamps with matching dies. So I am not joking when I say I think about ordering this set at least once a week. One week I had the money for it, went to order it, and they were sold out of the hot air balloon die. So I didn't order any of it. So sad. Next time I have the extra cash...

3. Epic Letterpress machine. 
Well, I am actually kind of torn on this one. Remember a few months back when all the big bloggers got sent a free machine to review (totes jeals over here!)? Most of the reviews were good but said that it took some practice and could get messy, etc., etc. So I am thinking if it involves a big time investment to use I will pass on it. Then I see some cuu-ute projects and I am back into wanting it. I have it on my perpetually changing Christmas/Birthday possibility list so we'll see if it sticks around.

4. Copics. 
Another item of debate. At the time I have about 15 Copic markers, which in Copic world is nothing. They can add a lot to stamped images and can be so beautiful when done right. My debate here is the cost/value relationship. Oh yes I am getting all business degree on you. If I were to invest in these, let's say $100, that is a LOT of cards to make before you start saving money versus buying cute cards at the store. Yes, I know card making isn't all about saving money (I think I would need to make about 1,000 cards to recover some of my craft expenses), but sometimes it is. Also, there is the time investment thing again. You have to really practice and I already have too many other hobbies that need some practice. I just totally analyzed the heck out of buying some markers, but it's a lot of money, so there.

5. Lawn Fawn Teeny Tiny backgrounds stamp set. 
Ack! Those little hearts! I even kind of hate hearts. Lately I have been finding myself liking them more and more and even using them in crafting. What is happening to me?! I guess motherhood is softening my cold heart-hating heart. Or these are just cute. Yeah, let's go with that one. (These were on my wishlist when I wrote this post and now they are on their way to my house. I couldn't resist!) 

What are some things on your wish list? Leave a link in the comments so we can all take a look/enable one another. 


  1. Visiting from The Split Stitch. Your blog makes me long to make cards again. All my card-making supplies are currently in storage in another country and I won't have them back for another two years. *le sigh*

  2. I know what you mean about hearts -- I'm starting to like them now, too!

    You have such great taste -- I love those paper lines, too. I just spent too much on card making supplies, so I'm going to cool it for a while...

    Care for chocolate chip cookies instead? (they're way cheaper to make).


  3. Ha! You crack me up.. I used to despise glitter.. now well you know...

  4. I have been wanting the Up, Up and Away set too. I think I would use it so much, especially the clouds. I agree with you on the copics... I have a few (okay maybe like 20), but they are SO expensive and I think you have to buy more than one if you want to do the shading properly.

    Another thing on my wish list... Papertrey Ink's wood grain impression plate. I was going to buy it the other day, but it's sold out. :(

  5. I've had my eye on that papertrey ink stamp set for a while!!

  6. I bought the Letterpress machine two-ish years ago. I've used it once. It has a learning curve, and I'm really not patient enough for it (takes a lot of time to clean and set up). I really should sell it, but I keep thinking one day I'll try it and get the hang of it.

  7. Stephanie - I have also had my eye on that impression plate. Too bad you don't live closer - we could share all of our crafting stuff from Archiver's and PTI :)

    Smallgood - Yes, that is what I am afraid of. I know myself enough to know that I probably would not be patient enough for a learning curve. Thanks for sharing your experience!


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