blogging pledge

My blogging pledge to myself: 

 I will blog guilt free. I wish I could make blogging my job. Maybe someday. If it were my job, I would expect myself to have post after post and multiple projects a week and features and guest posts and on an on. As it is now, blogging is my hobby and I think it is pretty great that I can essentially blog how I want to blog. No more apologizing for 5 days without a post because, well, that's life people.

 I will no longer apologize for "bad" photos. I have come to realize that sometimes "bad" photos will have to do. If I have to turn on the flash (gasp! horrors!) I will. If I have to take a picture at midnight in order to share something with you, worse things have happened. I get sad when I see a "famous" blogger apologize for a bad picture and it is actually a very good picture. It makes me feel bad about my much worse photos, and I don't want to make others feel like that.

 I will not be jealous. This is a tough one. I am constantly comparing and sizing up other blogs and sometimes (I am ashamed to admit), it eats me alive. I think I should be as big, have as many followers, get as much attention. But it is so silly. SO silly. I need to remember, my blog is (for now) a hobby and my crafting is a fun thing to do. I need to keep it that way!

 In light of the above 3 pledges, I will always put my best foot forward. It may seem like I am saying I will settle for less but that's not it. I will settle for the best that I know I can do. I will strive to take the best pictures I can at the time (oh, how my photography has improved due to this blog), I will try to stay consistent with my posts, and I will strive for my blog to grow and thrive.

Really, I just want my blogging to be a positive thing in my life. By nature, I am a fierce perfectionist, even in my hobbies. It's time to chill and really enjoy my little corner of the internet.

What about you? Do you have any blogging pledges?



  1. I think you said it perfectly! I have the exact same feelings about my blog. I didn't start a blog to keep up with others, so why do I feel like it's something I need to start doing now!

  2. Love this! I pledge to blog only out of enjoyment not obligation.

  3. Perfect pledge!! I feel the EXACT same way about every part of it.

  4. That's a beautiful pledge. I share with you the "bad" photos thing, and the feeling of getting caught in the competition track - for more readers, more views, etc... (hey, I've got only 37 followers.. he he). But most of the time I'm pretty comfortable with my blog.

  5. Thank you for this. I feel the same way completely and always feel guilty for the infrequency of my posts. But you're right there's no reason to feel that kind of guilt. We do what we can and it should be enjoyable and not stressful!

  6. This is perfect! It is hard not to compare yourself to others. All you can do is be the best you can be. And especially since your blog is your hobby, then you shouldn't feel guilty about not posting if something comes up in your life, because as you said "it's life"!

  7. That is a lovely pledge! It is all so true!

  8. i love this...especially the jealousy one. i definitely need to work on that.
    thanks for sharing. i really appreciate it.
    {love} lauryn @ lovenotesbylauryn.blogspot.com

  9. I adore this! It is so easy to get caught up in the numbers. I just recently removed the GFC box from my site (there is still a link to join, just no more member total for the world to see). I want people to WANT to follow or like or subscribe based on my content, NOT because everyone else is (or isn't) following.

  10. these are so great! It really gave me a feel good factor and feel relaxed. :)

  11. Ahem, are you inside my mind? ;0

    That comparison thing spoke RIGHT to me. My organising blog is 5 years old and I have less than some who have been blogging a year. Yeah, it sucks.

    I think often about just stopping! And yet, I started just to share fun organising tips that work for me.

  12. #2!!! That irks me so much right along with bloggers writing, "excuse the mess" about their gorgeous photos of their gorgeous houses. I wish I had their "messy" homes.

    I've made a pledge to be more communicative with commenters and making sure I support them and get to know my readers.

  13. Amen to everything that you have said here! I am constantly apologizing for my crappy photos because I am not a photographer, but you made me realize I need to stop all that nonsense ... my point of my blog is like yours ... a hobby and to be a part of a community ... that will be my pledge, to not apologize any longer for crappy photos, if someone does not like them, oh well! Great post!

  14. I am SO glad you did this! I have been thinking about many of these things lately. I work full time too and I've needed to remind myself that this is my HOBBY and I can't overdo it and stress about every little thing because I will go insane! I also have to remind myself that not all bloggers work full time! I think some of them actually do it as their job (and I am jealous of them, by the way!)
    I also stress over having frequent and consistent posts. Sometimes it's just impossible to do. So that is my pledge... I will try not to worry so much about when I'm going to post on my blog. If I get the chance to do something fun, like have a date night with my hubby, I'm going to put that first, and blog about it later!

    Great pledge -- Very inspirational!!


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