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We have had a productive weekend. If you follow me on facebook, you might have seen that I did some kitchen painting this weekend. No major overhauls, unfortunately, but I have been getting the design itch and I am wanting to redecorate a room - all of them. As he reads this, I bet my husband is breaking out in a cold sweat. 

I will post this week about my kitchen painting, some tips, and what I learned. It will be riveting, so get ready. 

Also this weekend, Anderson and I built a homemade light box, which I used to take pictures of some earrings for my forever-in-the-works etsy shop. I am such a tease - talking about this etsy shop for five months and nothing for sale. Well, let me just tell you that I bought packaging, I have lots of little lovelies all ready to sell, and now I am preparing for pictures and posting. Almost there! Want a sneak peek of some of the sweet earrings that will be up for grabs? 


Pretty, huh?

One more thing. I also mentioned on facebook that I have BIG plans for my blog for August. I have the kind of plans that have you grabbing for the nearest piece of paper to jot down an earth shattering idea. The kind of plans that you lay up thinking about. The kind of plans that only a blogger make such a big deal out of. THE KIND OF PLANS THAT MAKE YOU TYPE IN ALL CAPS! I will let you in on a bit of it: my very first theme MONTH. Yes, a whole month built around one craft. I will have tutorials, ideas, how to's, a giveaway, and even a contest. Oh yeah, it is gonna rock!

So, sorry for the lack of crafty posts. Things are happening behind the scenes that I think you will love. 

Thanks, readers for sticking with me. You make my world a happier place :)


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