summer plans

Summer plans anyone?

No vacations here - bummer. No family visits, no theme park trips planned. If anyone wants to, you know, just give us a vacation to Disney World, that would be awesome.

Pretty much our summers pass like every other season - which is fine. We live a good life, vacations or not. 

But I have made some crafting plans for this summer that I am really excited about. 

First of all, I am participating at the Handmade Gift Exchange over at Craftaholics Anonymous. 

I have already been paired up and I am working away on my partner's gift. I can't wait to finish it, mail it off and then share it with all of you! I think she will love it - at least I hope so. 

Also, I am taking the online All in the Details embroidery class at Wild Olive. 

I am excited to get some project ideas and to work with specialty flosses. I am really in love with embroidery right now and I can't wait to get started on some fun, new projects. 

What are your crafting plans for the summer?



  1. Crafting plans! I want to make a fullsize head board out of a broken crib, recover an IKEA poang chair (white + toddler= disaster), and make a couple gifts for baby showers this summer.

    I'm envious that you have the patience for embroidery. I totally don't. But I LOVE to pick up vintage embroidered pillow cases at estate sales. I have three sets!

  2. We also will be spending our summer close to home. Lots of water fun outside and maybe a trip to the zoo. Our 9yo will start football again in July and that will be our lives until November.
    I have a feeling I can do a ton of embroidery projects while I sit at the field!

    By the way, tomorrow I will post a Lovely Blog Award and I'm giving one to you! So glad to have found your site...loving little lovelies! http://wp.me/p10ouW-yu

  3. ok - wild olive is soooo great. thank you for sharing them. i can't wait to see the projects you turn out! crafting plans for the summer - lots & lots, currently i am stripping down and painting a rocking chair for my front porch!

  4. Oh I forgot to mention: I gave you a Lovely Blog Award because I really enjoy your blog so much. Hope you have a great day!

  5. I have been busy crafting away so far I have made a dog bed, curtains for my kitchen, a travel pillow....the list goes on!! Today I whipped up the cutest apron ever for my son!! I also started my very first quilt!! I love reading your blogs it makes me smile!!
    I too entered the craftaholics gift exchange!!

  6. You guys have all been busy - with big projects! Thanks for sharing your summer plans with me. And thanks for the lovely blogger award!! Made my day!

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