an overly dramatic post about a cross stitch magazine


I had a good day yesterday. It involved Barnes & Noble and a little thing I like to call a dream come true. 

(I warned you that this would be dramatic.)

I decided to stop at Barnes and Noble last night on my way home. I am lucky (unlucky?) enough to live reeeally close to a B&N. I stopped to look at nook covers, but what I found was so much better. 

Back story: A few weeks ago I saw a magazine called "The Cross Stitcher" on someone else's blog. What did I love about this magazine? See the Will & Kate piece on the cover? That was one thing. Other than that, it just looks like a fresh take on cross stitch. It's not like cats and fairies and hearts and stuff. You know what I mean?

I don't remember what blog I saw it on - but I do remember doing a lengthy internet search on this magazine and where to buy it. I found out that it is a magazine from the UK, and basically I would have to pay a ton of money for the subscription to be sent here. 

I was bummed, but forgot about it. Until that fateful trip to B&N yesterday. I was doing my regular browsing of the craft and hobby magazines when I spotted a cute little banner on the cover of a magazine.

Could it be? My cross stitching dream come true? Cue hallelujah chorus. It was in the back row and I practically dove for it, peeking over my shoulder and throwing elbows just to make sure no one else was making a move on my little treasure. Of course I snatched it up, along with another issue that was there. 

Oh man, I am loving this magazine! It is fresh and fun and full of cute British lingo. 

See what I mean? Blooming marvelous.



  1. I'm so glad you shared this! I'm headed to Barnes and Noble right now! Okay, not now but at a reasonable time tomorrow. :)

  2. I love the British lingo, too! One of my favorite authors is Dick Francis, champion English jockey. I find humor in the writing even when it's not meant to be funny!

    I want to get back into cross stitching -- looks like the mag is breathing new life into the hobby -- but I have too much going on right now. Way too much, to be precise. : )

  3. can i just tell you i feel the EXACT same way about this magazine?! i've considered paying the million dollars to subscribe, but i talk myself out of it every time.

  4. Oh my goodness!!! You are soo lucky to have found this! I want to create the Merry Christmas pattern that was published last October, so bad. :o) So cute!!


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