a moment for motherhood

I just want to take a moment to let you all peek into my glamorous life as a mother. 

Mostly I spend my time at home with Sawyer playing quiet learning games with my son while he listens attentively, hanging on my every word. When it is time for dinner, I head to the kitchen to cook while he calmly plays alone, never getting in trouble or messing with things he shouldn't. In fact, I leave out porcelain knick-knacks, exposed electrical outlets, and family heirloom crystal and he doesn't even touch them. Dinner and bathtime are a breeze - he never flings food or splashes water, and he just loves when I brush his teeth.

Wait, what?! You don't believe me. Well. I figured you were smarter than that. Because my life with Sawyer is a good mix of chaos and crazy and loud and stink.

To prove it, things I actually said today: 

"Sawyer, don't spit cheese."

"Please don't hit mommy in the head with a harmonica."

"Go get pee-kitty." (He has this cat security blanket that has a lovely odor to it - no matter what.)

"No climbing on the table. The gate. The entertainment center. The toilet. (Insert any surface in the whole house)." 

So, as you can see, I have a gross, crazy, wild boy. My life feels so chaotic sometimes. But then I stop and watch him while he is eating dinner with us, diligently trying to use a fork, or when he is asking us to read him books, or when he plays with his train set - and I think how truly blessed I am. Yes, my life is full of crazy, but it is full. I have a family, a job, a house, a church, a life that I love. I will gladly take the crazy that goes along with it.



  1. I was gonna say...wow she has him well-trained! I knew it was too good to be true. Yes, the life of a mother and a wife is crazy chaotic at all times, but you're right; we are blessed.

  2. For a split second I was jealous of you and your calm, well-behaved boy! Whew! My son just turned 18 months and he is all kinds of crazy, especially around the dinner hour and before bed -- it's exhausting! I'm in the exact same place as you...

    but right now I'm enjoying a moment of silence and solitude! Ahhhhhhhh.


  3. AH YES the life of a Mother is sooo glamorous!! My son just turned 16mo yesterday and I find him doing the silliest things and I think where does he come up with this stuff!!


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