five things friday: pinned projects

Pinterest is my new best friend. Which makes me totally lame but I don't care. It is so fun and useful and inspiring. It's where I keep track of my project to do list - so I thought I would share some of my pinned projects with you today.

1. Dyed cheap-o keds. I love this idea! Really, really love!

2. Mod etched drinking glasses. We only buy the cheap glasses in our house (because I break glasses all the time), and this would be a great way to spruce them up.

3. Hot air balloon cards. I love the simplicity of these. 

4. Possible sandal project. This is not a tutorial - it is a picture from a Brazilian shoe company I think... I want to figure out how to do this and not make them look all homemade and ugly. I want them to look just like this picture. Thinking it through.

5. Cupcakes in jars. Everything looks cuter in a jar. 

I would love it if you would come find me on Pinterest. I need more projects that I will probably never make - ha!

Happy Friday! I am off to play video games with my husband and then cross stitch. Please don't be intimidated by how cool I am.

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  1. your funny. check out the sandal tutorial on the mother huddle http://www.themotherhuddle.com/tutorial-the-knot-so-hard-flip-flop-diy/
    i am going to give it a try too.


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