five things friday: lovely trinkets

For this weeks FTF I thought I would share some of my favorite trinkets with you.

I have to preface this by saying that I am not a trinket kind of girl. I am not much for a lot of little things cluttering up table tops or shelves. But, we do have some meaningful little trinkets in our home. As I was walking through the house searching for things to photograph, I realized that all my favorites have a common theme. Let's see if you catch on.

A Cinderella & Prince charming figurine that I got in Disney World. I actually hardly ever see this piece because it stays locked up in a cabinet away from curious little toddler hands. I love it because Cinderella was (and still is) my favorite Disney movie.The little dress and the little veil - pretty!

These little birds are from Brazil. I chose the owl when Anderson and I went to Brazil in 2007 for 6 (6!) weeks. The next year, Anderson went back without me and brought me the toucan back. They remind me of a fun trip, the connection we have to Anderson's family in Brazil, and plus they are just cute. These are actually displayed in our kitchen up on a shelf. Every kitchen needs fun little touches, right?

These are Sawyer's first Mickey ears from Disney World. He was just 5 months old on his first trip and I was SO excited to get his first ears and to have his name embroidered on them. They are in his room now, but I want to get a shadow box to frame them in.

Here is my some of my Disney Little Golden Book collection. I have picked them up in antique stores and from eBay. They are not worth much, but I love the look of the illustrations and the worn covers. Every once in a while, I take them down off the shelf just to look at the pretty pictures.

Last, I have something that doesn't really count as a trinket. It is something that just makes me smile and reminds me of where my life is now. Yes, I am a crafter. But more importantly, I am a mom. I love seeing my son's tiny hand up in my craft room. I love that we made it together, playing with paint. It is a scrap of paper and some messy paint - but it reminds me to cherish moments with my son.

Whoah... I think I just crossed into extra mushy ground over a hand print :) Anyway - can you tell we love Disney just a touch? I could have made all five things Disney related - we have some really special things from our vacations to Disney. I tried to balance this post out with non-Disney stuff, but let's face it - only Disney trinkets are worthy in our house :)

What trinkets do you treasure? Have you blogged about them? If so, leave a link in the comments so I can see!


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