embroider everything

Sorry for the embroidery kick I am on. Hope you are loving it, but if you are not - no worries. I have some non-embroidery stuff coming up. 

Because I am so into embroidery right now, I see everything as my next potential project. 

I got this great calendar from paper coterie. Each month is it's own page and the box that the pages come in props up to become a stand for the calendar. It is genius and stylish and I love it. 

I keep it at my desk at work and I look at it like a hundred times a day. I kept looking at the leaves of the June page and seeing tiny stitches across the leaves. 

So I brought it home this weekend and added some stitches. I started by pre-punching holes in the paper with a needle and then embroidering with 3 strands of embroidery thread. 

I think it gives nice dimension and a bit more interest. 

I think I will embroidery everything.



  1. I love embroidering on paper, I do it with my scrapbook pages & cards a lot.

  2. I too just got into embroidering. I am liking it !!!! Starting to learn all of the stitches and such. Definately need to try it on paper now.


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