mama's on vacay

guess what friends?

I am officially on a little vacation. A 4 day weekend is about as close as I am getting to a vacation for a long time - so, I am declaring this holiday weekend a vacation. 

I kicked off my fake vacation with knitting group. It was nice. I have't knitted since May, so it felt good to get back into it. After knitting group, I did a little shopping and got a new dress and frilly shirt, just because. 

Tomorrow I have to take Sawyer for a check up (boo!) but we will probably go to the zoo or mall or something and indulge in something frivilous like multiple train rides or unhealthy soft pretzels. 

That is the extent of my vacation planning so far. I want to do some sleeping in, some crafting, blogging, and catching up on my reader (currently at about 200 unread posts) and my email (ack!).

Just for fun, here is a picture I took this afternoon. I couldn't let that glorious super bright lighting (or my good hair day!) go to waste. I am terrible about taking and then sharing pictures of myself, so here you go. I like to know what bloggers look like, so maybe you do too. 

This is my vacation face.

Happy fake vacation everyone!



busy busy

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. This week has been and will keep on being a hectic week. I have a different work schedule this week, which means arranging a babysitter, cleaning the house so said babysitter doesn't see our dog hair dust bunnies or stale cheerios in the high chair. So tonight (after working all day) I have been cleaning and dusting away. 

I know, I know. Whiny. I am no different than any other mother out there. Homemaker, mother, peacekeeper. But man, it is hard and tiring. So kudos to us, moms. 

Now I am off to enjoy a good book and the last bit of sunlight in my cozy chair.



sweet friends

I have some sweet blogging friends. I have recently been given some nice awards. It's always a treat to know that someone likes what you are doing, ya know?

Modern Buttercup has given me the Stylish blogger award. Thank you! Go check out her blog and show her some love :)

Krista at Thar She Sews! has given me the One Lovely Blogger award. I love her blog and her clever blog name! Click on over and say hi!

I know there are rules for these awards and all. I have received a blog award before and followed the rules and did the facts about me and linking up. You can see that {here}

So can I pretty please cheat just a little and use those same facts and link ups? Is that a yes? Good. Please go check it out, and check out the sweet ladies who have been so nice as to think of me.



saturday happenings

Just popping in to share a bit of my Saturday with you. 

Went to Target while Sawyer was napping. You just can't browse Target properly with a busy toddler in tow. Look what I found: 

(Yes, my toenails are painted aqua. They look really cute in real life. I didn't realize how cah-razy they would look with the weird coloring on my phone's retro-cam.)

New sandals! Not just cute new sandals, but look at the price. 

I would call this a major score!

Also, our neighborhood has a little farmer's market each weekend. Every once in a while they have a junk sale where anyone can bring their stuff to try to sell. It was really a dud except for this sweet old couple selling yards and yards of fabric. 

My favorite part was chatting with them. I asked if she quilted, and the husband popped in, gushing about how she made lap quilts and she cut all the squares out and on and on... He was so proud of her. It was sweet. 

These are the two fabrics I chose. 

It was a nice, relaxing Saturday, full of deals. Hope your day has been great!



five things friday: lovely trinkets

For this weeks FTF I thought I would share some of my favorite trinkets with you.

I have to preface this by saying that I am not a trinket kind of girl. I am not much for a lot of little things cluttering up table tops or shelves. But, we do have some meaningful little trinkets in our home. As I was walking through the house searching for things to photograph, I realized that all my favorites have a common theme. Let's see if you catch on.

A Cinderella & Prince charming figurine that I got in Disney World. I actually hardly ever see this piece because it stays locked up in a cabinet away from curious little toddler hands. I love it because Cinderella was (and still is) my favorite Disney movie.The little dress and the little veil - pretty!

These little birds are from Brazil. I chose the owl when Anderson and I went to Brazil in 2007 for 6 (6!) weeks. The next year, Anderson went back without me and brought me the toucan back. They remind me of a fun trip, the connection we have to Anderson's family in Brazil, and plus they are just cute. These are actually displayed in our kitchen up on a shelf. Every kitchen needs fun little touches, right?

These are Sawyer's first Mickey ears from Disney World. He was just 5 months old on his first trip and I was SO excited to get his first ears and to have his name embroidered on them. They are in his room now, but I want to get a shadow box to frame them in.

Here is my some of my Disney Little Golden Book collection. I have picked them up in antique stores and from eBay. They are not worth much, but I love the look of the illustrations and the worn covers. Every once in a while, I take them down off the shelf just to look at the pretty pictures.

Last, I have something that doesn't really count as a trinket. It is something that just makes me smile and reminds me of where my life is now. Yes, I am a crafter. But more importantly, I am a mom. I love seeing my son's tiny hand up in my craft room. I love that we made it together, playing with paint. It is a scrap of paper and some messy paint - but it reminds me to cherish moments with my son.

Whoah... I think I just crossed into extra mushy ground over a hand print :) Anyway - can you tell we love Disney just a touch? I could have made all five things Disney related - we have some really special things from our vacations to Disney. I tried to balance this post out with non-Disney stuff, but let's face it - only Disney trinkets are worthy in our house :)

What trinkets do you treasure? Have you blogged about them? If so, leave a link in the comments so I can see!



wall art: light & airy (part 2)

Ready for part two of my light & airy wall art? (You can see part 1 here)

I really love how the embroidered paper airplane came out - I think it fits perfectly with the pinwheels

I traced (with a water soluble pen) a paper airplane onto some scrap cloth and embroidered with a simple back stitch. 

Easy! Really! It took me about 30 minutes. Satisfaction for my instant gratification loving soul. 

After I embroidered the piece, I backed the cloth with fabric stabilizer. I know this seems backwards. Usually you use fabric stabilizer during embroidery, but I don't like to. But because I wanted to frame the piece without glass, I knew the cloth would need to be a little more rigid to hold up in the frame without sagging. Enter fabric stabilizer. After backing the fabric, I cut it down to size and popped it in the frame. 

 Onto the hot air balloon. I started by sketching out a hot air balloon, then cutting it out to use as a template to trace with. 

You can see my awesome sketching skills. Ha! 

I stitched the pieces down with embroidery thread and added a little basket. Very simple but lovely results. 

I really hope you have enjoyed this project. Have any questions about supplies or how I did something? Email me or leave a comment. I love to hear from you!


wall art: light & airy (part 1)

I have been thinking about this one for a while. I have had pinwheels and paper airplanes floating around in my head and I have been working out what to do with them. I think that maybe the best projects for me are the ones that I daydream about and think on for weeks in advance. This is one of those projects.


So breezy and light. Inspired by air and wind and floating. 

For the frames I used Krylon spray paint in Catalina Mist, Classic Grey, and Dover White, with coordinating grey and white fabric for the backgrounds.  

I am going to break this up into two posts so it is not completely picture heavy. Today - the pinwheel art. Tomorrow - the hot air balloon and paper airplane. Sound good? 

I just love these sweet little pinwheels. Made from felt and buttons, I think they give a modern and linear touch but still are sweet and soft with the vintage-y buttons. 

Start by ironing fabric stabilizer to some white scrap fabric. You don't have to do this part, but I didn't want my fabric to shift in the frame. 

Using the glass from the frame, trace a rectangle onto the fabric and cut out. 

Insert the fabric into the frame and now you are ready to embellish. 

I made the pinwheels using felt (from Papertrey Inc - my favorite favorite felt) and buttons that I have been collecting. 

1. Start with a square of felt (For my three pinwheels I used 3", 3.5", and 4" squares) and lightly draw lines from corner to corner.
2. Cut into the felt on one of the lines without cutting all the way to the middle. You should stop cutting about 1/4" from the middle point where the two lines cross.
3. Cut the remaining three lines, taking care not to cut all the way to the middle. 
4. Fold one of the corners down into the middle of the pinwheel and secure with a stitch (or hot glue). 
5. Continue folding corners down and securing. Add a button in the middle. 
6. All done and looking pretty!

Finish making your other two pinwheels. 

Arrange on your frame and sew or hot glue down. 

I love the colors, shapes, and textures. When I see these sweet pieces hanging in out little hallway, I smile.

Stay tuned for light & airy art (part 2) tomorrow.
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sneak peek

I have a really good project for you this week. I mean, I have a crush on myself it's so good, so please don't burst my bubble if you don't think it's great, k?

Here is a tiny sneak peek.

I am working on editing and writing the posts (yes, multiple), so check back here tomorrow for the first post.

You're gonna want to see this.

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blue shoes

I finally got around to making some dyed tennis shoes (seen here at sweet verbena). 

I used teal Rit dye and got the white shoes at Target. I really love them - they are comfy and the bright pop of color makes me smile.

Hooray for easy, cheap projects!


giveaway: june

I was looking back at posts, realizing that I have been doing a follower giveaway each month, and it is June and I have not done a giveaway. Hmph. Time to fix that. 

What do you say to winning both pairs of these earrings?

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