what's up

I feel kind of jumbled. Lots going on in my head, lots to do - just lots. Here is what I am up to and what I am thinking about.

Projects I am working on:

--I started a little embroidery piece. No pattern, nothing hard - no challenge really. Just something relaxing and enjoyable and peaceful. I will probably finish it up this weekend and share it with you.

--I also have an idea for a table runner that I want to get started on. I have a feeling it will take a few nights of work, but if it works out like I think it should work out in my head, then it is going to be awesome.

--I bought this cross stitch pattern and want to start on it. I am sharing my totally geeky side with you - I love Harry Potter and will proudly display tiny little Harry Potter cross stitch pieces in my home :)

Isn't it cute?! - it's Harry's friends. I love Hagrid's pink umbrella. Check out weelittlestitches for tons of cute, geeky, awesome patterns. I want to make all of them...

Random ramblings:

--Anderson is trying to get me to watch Star Wars. I have never seen one movie (to which my Brazilian husband asks me if I am even an Amercian?) and have never really cared to. Want to know how he is trying to convince me to watch them? By telling me it is like Harry Potter in space. Heh. Is that true?

--My epic battle with crochet wages on. I have read all of your tips, picked up the book again to keep trying, but have yet to start actually crocheting again. I am just regrouping for the next battle.

--Thanks so much for reading my little blog. I just want to tell you all that. It is so encouraging and fun and awesome that I am writing things, making things, asking questions and getting such great responses from all of you. It makes me happy. So thanks. You rock.

What is on your mind? Projects, Start Wars opinions, weekend plans? Share please!



  1. I wish I had your energy and talent. I like to go and buy crafty things and then start them.....but where is the finished product?? I love checking your blog seeing what you are up to as if we were long time friends catching up on everything!!

  2. If you only knew how many projects I have started and abandoned... eek! I think the blog keeps me accountable though. Thanks so much for your sweet comment - and all of your sweet comments!

  3. I am the opposite. I have seen all of the Star Wars movies and none of the Harry Potter movies. I'd gather they have some similarities. Good vs evil, epic battles, an unlikely hero... My husband is such a big fan, we had an ice sculpture of Yoda at our wedding.

  4. I love that Harry Potter cross stitch pattern! No big plans for me this weekend - we're dog sitting for two dogs, which will bring our animal total up to six!! :)

  5. Krista - that is so awesome that you had a Yoda ice sculpture at your wedding!

    Sarah - 6 animals!? You will be busy for sure! Hope you had a smooth weekend :)


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