sweet sunday afternoon

I cherish sweet Sunday afternoons. Long naps for Sawyer, quiet crafting time for me, and of course lots of playing . The perfect recharge for the long week ahead. 

Have a great week. 



  1. Sunday afternoon's are my FAVORITE!!!!

  2. Looks like the crochet is coming along nicely! I picked you as my blog crush of the week . . . I've got your button up in my sidebar! Thanks for being awesome and giving me yet another inspiring creative blog to read :-)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  3. Stephanie - I am making a table runner (I think) I am only like 20 or so in and I realized this is going to take me a loooong time.

    Rachel - the crochet is coming along. I tried to erase everything I "learned" and start fresh with only 5 stitches across of single crochet. Small steps so that I don't end up with hives, screaming into the couch cushion in desperation. Just kidding - sort of. :)


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