mother's day part 3

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mommies out there!

We have reached the end of my little handmade Mother's Day series. On day 1 I showed you the cards I made, on day 2 I shared my knitted washcloths, and today I am going to share the necklace I made for my mom. 

This was my first metal stamping project (if you don't count the ten metal disks I messed up to try to do this. If you do, then this is my 11th metal stamping project.)

I gave this to my mom on Saturday when my family came over for dinner. I think she liked it, especially the personal touch of the initials of me and my 2 sisters.  

All in all, I think my first handmade Mother's Day was a success. I hope kharma comes back to me someday in a good way in the form of sweet little handmade gifts from Sawyer. Oh how I can't wait to treasure those scribbled pictures, messy painted masterpieces, and crumbly clay pots :) 

Once again, Happy Mother's Day, handmade or not :)



  1. Your gifts are all so sweet. I'm sure each recipient loved theirs.

  2. Stamped jewelry is so fun! Can I ask... where did you get your stamps? :)


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