mother's day part 2

I am back with day two of my three day handmade Mother's Day post series. Yesterday I showed you the cards I made for my grandma. 

Today I am going to show you the wash cloths I knitted for my other grandma.

Knitting is new to me, so I used these washcloths as a way to learn some new knitting patterns.

The yellow is a woven pattern, the white is my first attempt at a lace like pattern, and the pink is a simple ribbed pattern. I got the patterns from ravelry, a really cool knitting community site. It is pretty much the Facebook of knitting. You create a profile, find friends, join groups, and share pictures. Best of all, there are tons of free patterns, which is where all of these came from.

I thought the perfect little gift to go with these soft, cushy cloths would be a nice bar of soap, which I found at Target. 

The soap smells a-maz-ing, but I didn't think the packaging was really pretty. I took care of that by wrapping a strip of scrapbook paper around the box. Instant cute.

And can I also just say that I must be a slow knitter? It took me hours to do these. How do people knit scarves and sweaters and blankets? I am working on a scarf now and I will be lucky if I finish it by winter. Seriously.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed part two of handmade Mother's Day. See you tomorrow for part three!


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