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ArtsyNina said...
New follower! Lovely blog :) And that little pin cushion is so stinkin' cute. Both the box and chair need to come to my house! LOL
Congratulations, Nina! I will be sending you an email. Thanks to everyone who entered, and most of all thanks to all of you for reading.
I am off for the night. Guess what I am doing? Watching Star Wars with my husband. For the first time ever. Considering the movie just started and I asked like five times "Is he a good guy or a bad guy?" it might be a long night. 



  1. Sad face! I was really hoping to win

  2. So sorry! I wish I was rich and could buy a hundred cute pin cushions to give away!

  3. OMG! Star Wars! That must be amazing, to see it for the first time as a grown up!

    As for the pin cushion, congrats to the winner. Does anyone know of a pattern to make a doll's chair like this?

  4. I forgot how cute they are so I had to come look again :P So happy I won!

  5. Haha! I will get them in the mail for you by the end of this week! yay!


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