pinterest anyone?

uhm, so has anyone else discovered this wonderful little thing called Pinterest? 

At first, I was all "that's stupid." (sorry Pinterest!)

But I take it back and I am totally eating my words. It. is. awesome. Basically you can pin any picture you see anywhere on the web, categorize them, and the share with friends.

No more email folders full of links I emailed myself. No more folders on my desktop full of projects to try. No more printing off tutorials to do later. I can keep it all in one spot, online, easy to access. 

I am still working on transferring all of my stuff over to Pinterest, but it is fun to do!

Plus they offer the option to automatically embed something you have pinned. No more linking sources. Ah, sigh of contentment. 

Are you on Pinterest? I'm not really sure how all this works (being a recent non-hater), but friend me or whatever you do. I will friend you back. I love to see what others find interesting and you know I am always looking for a new project!

You can find my Pinterest link on the right side of my blog. It is one my new cute butterfly buttons :)



  1. I signed up a few months ago but haven't spent much time there. I'm afraid it will be another time (and soul) sucking internet site...

    But I like the idea of not sending myself links and having a million bookmarked sites.Hmm, I may have to revisit this...

  2. interesting....I just applied for an invitation....I am sure that I will use it. Looks cool!

  3. I'm following you over there now!


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