gifty gift

I just have to share one of my awesome birthday presents with you. Actually, it is three presents. But they came in one bag so I guess that counts as one present. 

Anyways, I have such a cool sister and brother in law. Wanna see why?

A pretty little chair pincushion, cameo earrings, and a vintage Little Golden Book. Seriously, it was the perfect gift. I had been looking on eBay for chair pincushions, I love tiny cameos, and I can add the Little Golden Book to my collection. Plus, the Pokey Little Puppy and I have a history. I hated it when I was young. Ha! But my sister loved it and we would battle because my sister wanted to watch the movie and I didn't. 

So, see? It is a perfect, meaningful, cute gift from my sista-fren. 

Yep, we actually call each other sista-fren. In real life. Out loud.  

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