getting to know me, getting to know you

Normally, I am not into these kind of surveys. I feel pretty junior high-ish. But here is the deal. I have 132 readers right now, most of you I don't know outside of being my followers! Which I am not crazy about! I want to get to know the people who are reading my blog - that's part of the fun in blogging, right?

So here it is. 

I saw this survey here and I liked it. I am going to revert to junior high things (which is kind of fun really), fill out the survey, and then I would love for you to do the survey and link to your blog here in the comments. 

I want to read about you, get to know you, and have us all share a bit about ourselves. 

Here I go: 

Making: a cowl scarf and a cross stitch hoop
Cooking: nothing
. if there is any household duty i hate - it is cooking
Drinking: Diet Coke, in excess

Reading: Water for Elephants

Wanting: an uninterrupted day browsing antiques

at my living room mess - toys and shoes and blankies all over the floor
Playing: with Sawyer is my favorite thing

energy. we have our air conditioning on in april. don't judge me - it was 90 today
Sewing: i plead the fifth

Wishing: for a weekend away sans kiddo

a quiet house
Waiting: for my big break
new craft books, time with friends, sleeping in on the weekend
Wondering: what my next big project will be
Loving: Sawyer's silly fake laugh he does - at strangers :)
: for a new spring dress
Marvelling: at how much God has taken care of us in our 5 short years of marriage
truly, nothing
Smelling: the smell of air conditioning. am i just weird or does anyone else like this smell?

Wearing: pajamas and a t-shirt - my at home uniform
Following: like a million blogs
Noticing: how much fun pinterest is. seriously, it is addicting
Knowing: that I am so blessed
Thinking: about making some Easter cake pops to take to work
way too many things
Opening: a package i ordered - a tiny bird metal stamp
Giggling: at Dinner for Schmucks. it was so funny!
Feeling: like I think I am ready for the week ahead...

I had fun with this little survey, and I hope you will too! Please join in the fun - I want to visit your blogs and read about you! 

Comment below and let's all do some blog visiting! 


  1. Here's my blog! It was fun "getting to know you"

  2. Hi I found your blog becaouse of my sister..Emily... I also loved "getting to know you" visit me too!! http://ciciray.blogspot.com/

  3. I am starting to think that I am the only one that follows (stalks) blogs that doesn't have one.....hmmm. Am I? (Love yours by the way!)

  4. No, Barrie - you are not alone, I am a follower, not a blogger! Just bumped into this site and expect that I am going enjoying every post that comes out.

  5. Nope, Barrie. Until I started this blog a couple months ago, I just followed blogs too. I think there are lots of people who follow along without blogging! Glad to have you reading along!


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