five things friday: disney pictures

K, so if we are going to be friends (and I sure hope we are), you must know something about me. 

I have an obsession. 

No really. 

I LOVE Disney World. And I am not talking about "I went to Disney World and I love it!". I am talking "I went to Disney World and now it is pretty much all I ever think about." 

I am not being dramatic. I read history books about Disney, listen to Disney podcasts (geek alert!), sign up for newsletters, follow Disney fan blogs, and price Disney trips at least once a week. This obsession is MAJ. 

So I thought for this five things friday I would share some of my favorite Disney pictures of our family. 

1. This picture was taken In Epcot on a trip we took in 2009. This was our second trip as a couple (we went on our honeymoon in 2005) and it was a big trip for us. Anderson and I often say to each other that is was the happiest time of our life. And we really mean it.

2. I had to put this one in so I can tell you how crazy I am. I was ecstatic to meet the princesses (whatever, don't judge me). Whenever we got a chance to get a picture with the princesses and they would ask Anderson to join in I would do the panicky "No!", realize how stalkerish I probably seemed, and then muttered about how he didn't want to or something like that. YOU THINK I AM JOKING. I kicked my husband out of princess pictures because I wanted my moment, ok?

3. This was taken in 2010 on Sawyer's first trip to Disney when he was about 5 months old. I love having his first trip documented, along with the 15 or so extra pounds of baby fat I was still carrying at that time.

4. This was taken on our most recent trip in January of this year. This trip was so much fun! Sawyer got to see Mi-mi (Mickey), got his first haircut at the Magic Kingdom, Anderson and I got to live our dream and stay at the Contemporary Resort, and it was just an all around relaxing and great trip.

5. I saved the best for last. This was also taken on our trip this year. Can you see the obsession? Disney World is only written on my shirt 20 times. And on Anderson's shirt. Ha!

There you have it - 5 of my favorite Disney family pictures. It was fun to go through our pictures and relive some of our most cherished family times. Hope you enjoyed, and happy Friday!


  1. We are planning a trip this year to take our two boys for the first time. They are both super excited.

  2. I love living in the Central Florida area. And I love that my husband works for Disney so we go all the time.

  3. What great photos! I hope you don't mind that I'm 'borrowing' your idea of 5 things friday for my blog, I'll be sure to link back here!


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