Here is another antique store find for you, along with a necklace I made. A reader asked me where this antique store in KY was. Good question. The answer is I don't know. I was driving through KY to TN and I saw a sign for an antique store. So I pulled off and took a quick trip in. It was cute and rustic and packed to the brim with little treasures. 

Here is another one of those little treasures I picked up: 

sigh. Isn't it pretty? Muted colors and crackly ceramic. I just love it. 

I thought it would be a nice backdrop to take a picture of this little necklace I made this weekend. 

It's a chair. And a bow. And cuteness!

Hope you all can find some crackly plates and chair necklaces to make you smile.


  1. i love both!! that plate is so pretty. and the necklace is really cute!! :)

  2. Very pretty plate and the cute necklace is fantastic too!


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