update on my weekend projects.

Scarf: A bust. Anyone have any tips on elastic thread? I tried a couple things, neither of which worked. If you have tried something that works for you, leave me a comment. My elastic didn't pull the material to make it bunch up.

Bag: Not even attempted. Still on the agenda.

Necklace that I don't have supplies for: Still dreaming of it.

I am just so awesome, right? I think my crafting eyes are bigger than my crafting stomach. In the words of my husband (regarding my scarf), "At least it was an attempt." 

But I do have something that I think will redeem me. Stay tuned.


  1. I finally figured out sewing with the elastic thread. A lot of places say hand wind it, but that didn't work for me, as soon as I wound it on the bobbin, played with the tension a little bit, and set my stitch width on 2, magic! It definitely made a big difference to wind the elastic thread on the bobbin. Hope that helps!

  2. Hm, I did use the machine to wind it, but I am pretty sure I went wrong at stitch length/tension. Thanks for the tips! I will attempt it again... someday :)


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