say mama!

Now, I know my momma pride level is high (as all momma pride levels should be), but my kiddo is smart. He knows alot of words, he counts to three, and he knows a lot of animal sounds - cow, dog, monkey, snake, sheep, bear.... you get the point. So when I give you this conversation, I want you to know that I think my genius child knows exactly what he is doing to my tender ego. A tender ego riddled by WMG (working momy guilt) and a little body image issue that existed before pregnancy but has since been magnified due to the onslaught of things that happen to your body after a baby. You other mommies don't need me to explain - things change.

So a recap: Sawyer knows words. Sawyer knows animal sounds. Sawyer is basically a child prodigy. I have WMG. I have post baby body issues. All these factors come into play.

You will see why the build up - I need to set this up so you understand.

Me: "Sawyer, say mama"
Saywer: "Dada."
Me: "Say mama"
Sawyer: "Vovo" (Portuguese for grandma)
Me: "Say mama"

Saywer: "Moooooooo."



    My little girl (I have boy/ girl twins) said "balloon" while pointing to my tummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also, I love your blog :)

  2. Marcia - thanks! Kids come up with some crazy stuff!


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