my sewing machine has arrived!

It came! And it is perfect!

And it even came with a little bag I like to call the "what-the-heck" bag! Don't even know what all this stuff is, but it is very cute and in a little bag so I am happy.

I successfully threaded the machine and proceeded to make a mind blowingly awesome little project - two pieces of fabric sewn together to make nothing! 

Sorry. No sewing project just yet.  

Baby steps, people. I threaded a sewing machine. I sewed a line of stitches. Progress.


  1. Congrats on your new sewing machine. I like your first "project": nothing! But it IS something...a start to many things lovely!

  2. Lol @ my nothing project. But I have hemmed some curtains since then, so you are right - it was a start :)

  3. I have one of those bags to and even after some remedial sewing classes i still have no idea what it's for. :)

  4. Kerri - good to know I am not alone :) I really do want to figure out what all the stuff is, because I know it will probably be useful to me someday.


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