I finally made a point to hang my under-counter curtains.

I think a little info is needed as to why these took me WEEKS to finish.

First of all, I had to sew these. Wait, let me say that again. I had to sew these! I hemmed curtains, people. It took me a few nights because I had a hard time cutting a straight line, ironing hems, jamming the sewing machine, stabbing myself with pins, etc. But I did it.

Also, I only have about 2 hours a night to work on crafts, maybe like 4 or so nights a week. So my craft time is limited and when I have a frustrating project, I just tend to ignore it and work on something else. Which is what I did. For like a month.

And the biggest problem of all: I could NOT figure out how to hang them. This is the genius track I found to hang them on:

It really is a great idea. It is a lot like the track that they hang those hospital divider curtains on. This is a view from the ground looking up under the counter.

These are the little hooks that the curtain should hang on:

The track came with small hooks that hooked on that plastic loop and then clipped to the curtain. But when I used those, it left about a one inch gap where you could see what is behind the curtain which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

So the dilemma - great track, but I don't know how to hang the curtains.

I tried sewing them on. Nope.

I tried threading a small wire through and securing it in the back. No go.

At this point I was angry. Frustrated. Annoyed that I couldn't figure this out.

So I plugged in the glue gun and glued the cloth directly onto those plastic hanging things. And I don't even feel like I cheated.

I worked harder on trying to hang the stupid curtains than pretty much any other project I have worked on in a long time.

OK, so they are not stupid. It actually looks really good and you totally cannot tell from the front that I used hot glue.

Nice, huh?
 I am still looking for a counter height stool to go here. With my mad Craigslist chair hunting skills I should be able to find one easy.

So there you have it. Hot glue curtains.

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