craft room progress!

First of all, my craft room needs a better name than "craft room".

Secondly, we have made MAJOR progress in the room. Remember what it looked like before:

Ack! Piles and junk and mismatched. It is looking better. Wanna see?

Better, right? You can still see all the junk under the cabinets, but I am just waiting for the curtain track system I ordered to come in, and then I have to sew the curtains and install them. So I guess it won't be something I can just put up in a few minutes. It is my last "big" project before I can start decorating.

I think this is my favorite part:

A double work station! Ahhh! And the chairs! Could they be more perfect? They were an incredibly lucky Craigslist find. $20 each. I am on fire when it comes to finding awesome chairs.

Here is a view of the room from the other end:

And my new lamp:

It is from Target. I wanted a clear lamp to keep it fresh and light and airy. Since this is a basement room I don't want anything heavy or dark.

New bookends that I am eventually going to paint. Not a fan of the black.

Aren't these awesome? I found them at Target, so if you are in love with them, you can probably find some at your Target. Anyone out there from Target want to pay me for all this promo?

So there you have it. I still need to get the curtains up, get a curtain for the window, find a barstool for my tall work station (using my awesome chair hunting skills), and then figure out some decoration for the walls. I have some great ideas, so you will want to check back for those.


  1. Very awesome! I shall work on the coolest name for your craft room!

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