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What a fabulous week I am having, all thanks to you out there in bloggy world! My craft room was featured on Tatertots & Jello's Facebook page. I am still pretty giddy over that one! And I have surpassed my 100 followers goal! I am thankful to have each and every one of you on board, and I am so thankful for all the sweet comments. My craft room has gone over better than I imagined and I am so happy to inspire others with my space.

I am kind of swamped this week work wise and life wise, so I thought I would post some artwork I did for my son's room. I did this way before I blogged, so no tutorial. Sorry about that. 

 It really is easy! Paint your canvases a base color, lay them out how you want them to hang on the wall, and trace and paint the circles. For the letters, I printed his name out on the computer and cut the letters out to use as a stencil. I traced each letter onto card stock, cut it out, and adhered it with heavy spray adhesive. Then I coated it all with a sealant spray.

I know it isn't a detailed tutorial, but I have lots of projects that were pre-blog that I still want to share with you. So maybe you will see some more non-tutorial craft posts.

Thanks again for your support and comments! It is so lovely to be supported while doing something that you love.

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