tutorial: button earrings

Want to make something easy, cute, fun, and perfect for all your crafty friends?

Tiny button earrings!

Let's get started.
Gather your supplies:

  • Buttons
  • Earring Posts/Backs (from Michael's)
  • E-6000
  • Needle/Thread (or embroidery thread would work great)
First, string the thread up through the top of the button without pulling it all the way through. The tail of the thread will be hanging out of the back of the button (you will use the tail to tie a knot at the back):

Thread the needle down through the other hole, being careful not to pull the thread all the way through:

Keep circling the thread around (I did about 4 times) until you are ready to tie the knot:

Tie a knot and cut off the excess thread:

Repeat this process so you have a pair:

Now you are ready to glue the earrings together.

I use a wood pick to apply the E-6000 to the posts. Use enough that it will be secure, but not so much that it is squishing over the earring posts and buttons. You don't want to be able to see dried up glue while wearing your earrings.

Let them dry face down so the earring posts won't slide off the wet glue:

While waiting for them to dry, I decided they would need some cute packaging. It's all about presentation, right? I had this clearance pack of paper embellishments that I got from Michael's about a month ago. I thought they would be perfect.

These are the paper pieces I selected:

I added some personalization, holes for the earrings, and added my dry earrings.

Couldn't resist something corny!

There you have it!

Add your own twist to it! Try different shapes and colors of buttons and maybe some colorful embroidery thread. I would love to see what you do with it!

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  1. I can't believe NOBODY has commented on this post!! I just came across your blog and went browsing and came across this one. I love button earrings.. I have already decided to make some fabric covered buttons for my daughter... and maybe me! Anyways, these are so precious, and I LOVE the packaging! Awesome.

  2. These are so sweet! I have seen the "button" earrings made before, but yours are the first ones that I have seen that took the time to thread the buttons before gluing them to the earring posts... genius!

    - Kristi-Lee, A Blank Page


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