a post 7 months in the making...

So, it better be good!

Well, it probably will just be mediocre with a dash of informative thrown in.

When I started this blog last summer, I did so with great intentions. I was going to blog about my crafts, my family, my house... all my little lovelies! And you see how that turned out.

This time I am for real. Like really for real! I have made a commitment. The greatest commitment of all. Are you ready to take it in? I have cancelled our cable. I am not joking, so you better not be laughing! I can watch TV for 3 hours straight no problem, and the really sad thing is that most nights at home I do. I get up at 5:30 am everyday, work all day, pick up Sawyer, play with him for a few hours, feed him dinner, bath time, put him to bed, and crash. Literally I think I crash into the sofa and turn on that mind-numbing delight called TV.

Because I need some mind numbing.

But, no more TV mind numbing. I am going to use another outlet to relax and enjoy. My crafting. I craft all sorts of things - cards, jewelry, accessories, paintings. I want to get a hand in all kinds of crafts.

So I made the TV cancelling commitment. I also made another great commitment. I have completely disassembled my craft room and Anderson and I are in the process of redoing it. It is now in pieces, with craft supplies in the laundry room, Sawyer's play room, and huddled together in the center of the craft room so I can paint the walls a lovely blue-ish color.

I will be posting pictures of my craft room progress, as well as pictures of things I make along the way, so stay tuned!

Really. I really am back this time.


  1. Hey, you can do it!!! I was sitting to much in front of my laptop, but I totally changed my days and it's great!!! I wish I had a craftroom... enjoy yours!!! ;)


  2. I haven't even missed cable! It is nice not to sit in front of the tv all night. Thanks for following! Can't wait to show my craft room progress!


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